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What is the healthirecipe.com Magazine?

The HealthiRecipe.com Magazine features recipes and articles that provide year round inspiration for home cooks! You’ll find seasonal, top-rated recipes and trendy tips to make your life easier. Click to learn more or subscribe!

Are you an healthirecipe.com magazine subscriber with questions about your magazine account? 

Our Magazine Department staff is ready and willing to help you with an questions you may have. Please contact Customer Service for Healthirecipe.com magazine by calling 1-800-837-9017, OR send an email to AlrCustServ@healthirecipe.com

You may also access details online about your magazine subscription by going to the healthirecipe.com Magazine Account Page and typing in your account number or mailing address.

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How do I find professional resources, helpful tips and reliable information on HealthiRecipe.com to help me become more successful as a cook?

HealthiRecipe.com’ staff has written and compiled hundreds of helpful articles to inspire you and help you become a confident and successful home cook. Topics range from how to cook a turkey and the most loved meatloaf recipes, to common ingredient substitutions and what to do with all that fresh and fragrant farmers market produce.  You can find this information in three easy ways:

  • Visit the Articles & Tips section of the site, which you’ll find by clicking the 3 grey bars at the top right corner of any HealthiRecipe.com page. Once the Articles & Tips section opens, you can browse to find the topic you’d like to learn about using the Article Search on the right side of the page.

Why become a member of HealthiRecipe.com?

By becoming a member of the HealthiRecipe.com Community you can save and organize your favourite recipes, create shopping lists, and get time-saving cooking tips from our newsletters. And it’s FREE.

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What types of memberships does HealthiRecipe.com offer?

HealthiRecipe.com is FREE. When you register, you get a FREE Recipe Box and full access to all the recipes on HealthiRecipe.com. You also get FREE newsletters and FREE email alerts.

How do I get FREE Newsletters and Email Alerts?

As a member of HealthiRecipe.com, you get FREE access to our newsletters. Click here to join the HealthiRecipe.com Community. Then follow the easy prompts to set up your membership and select the newsletters you want to receive. You have total control: get them all, pick and choose, or receive none. You’re in total control and at any time, you can change your preferences.

How often will I get HealthiRecipe.com emails?

You decide! If you sign up to receive email alerts, you’ll find them in your mailbox based on the frequency you requested—either daily or weekly. But don’t be alarmed if you don’t get a scheduled alert—it just might be there are no new bread or low-carb recipe submissions (or whatever cooking topics you signed up for). That means you’ll get emails up to once a day—or up to once a week—depending on the frequency you choose. Don’t forget you can change your preferences at any time. Just click on your display name and go to Settings.

How do I open my Saved Recipes?

You can access your saved recipes from any page. Simply click your display name at the top of the page and choose Favorites! This will show you all of your saved recipes. If you have created recipe collections, you can click on collections to access them!

Can HealthiRecipe.com remember me from visit to visit?

Yes! Your Recipe Box can remember your login information. To do this, your computer must be set to allow cookies from HealthiRecipe.com. To have HealthiRecipe.com remember you, click on the Remember Me box below the login field.

Oh no! I forgot my login information! What do I do?

Don’t worry. It happens all the time. If you forget your login information, just click on the Sign In link in the grey toolbar and then Forgot password? in the login box. Enter your email address into the box provided and click on Send Me My Info. Your login information will be sent automatically (and confidentially) to that address. If you don’t remember the email address associated with your membership, contact us at Customer Service here.

How do I change my email address?

You can change your email address by clicking your display name at the top of the page and choosing Settings. Here you will have an option to update your email address and password.

How do I change my display name?

It’s easy! In fact, you can change your display name and other account information by first logging in, clicking on your display name at the top of the page and going to Profile. Then click the grey gear icon on the top right of the page and choose Edit Profile. You can update your display name, add information about yourself, and post links to your other social media accounts!

Should I use User Name or Email to log into the site?

You will need to use your email address to log in. If you aren’t sure or forgot your login info, you can always click on the Sign In link in the toolbar, then click on Forgot password? in the sign in box.

I do not live in the United States, how do I become a member?

You can join HealthiRecipe.com if you don’t live in the United States! Create your FREE membership by clicking on theJoin for FREE link at the top of any HealthiRecipe.com page (please use the zip code 98101), or click here.

Please contact Webmaster@healthirecipe.com with any other questions regarding International memberships.

Recipes for special dietary requirements and healthy cooking

HealthiRecipe.com.com has recipe collections for every special diet, and ways to filter your search for recipes that will fit your lifestyle. Click the “Browse Recipes” button to the right of the search bar. Click Healthy under Diet & Health to be taken to a page with collections for special diets and healthy lifestyles. You can also click directly on the Recipes menu at the top of any page.

Recipe of the Day

Each section of HealthiRecipe.com.com—including the homepage, has a daily recipe. To see these, navigate to the recipe collections by choosing the collection in the Browse menu drop-down options. You can view the Recipe of the Day for sub-collections as well. For example, if you select Breakfast and Brunch recipes, you can then see the Recipe of the Day for the sub-collections of Breakfast Eggs, Breakfast Drinks, and Pancakes! Eat up!

Recipes no longer on the site

While we always have member recipes on the site, we also partner with trusted brands to offer their recipes on the site for certain periods of time. If you see a recipe that has been submitted by a food company that you may want to use again, save that recipe to your Favorites, or print it for future use.

I can’t submit an image from search results.

Clicking on the recipe title will land you on the recipe page where you can then click on the Camera icon that appears to the bottom right of the recipe photo. So, keep going—we love seeing what our cooks in the field come up with! You can view our Photo Guidelines by clicking here.

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