Data Policy

1. Generally

In our continued commitment to protect customer data and adhere to our consumer’s privacy (please see Privacy Policy), HealthiRecipe outlines below the rules and restrictions on third party data collection. This covers all data generated by or collected from HealthiRecipe and its users while visiting any HealthiRecipe online properties. Any third party collecting or attempting to collect data from HealthiRecipe’s online properties or its users (a “Data Collector”) is hereby notified that it is subject to the following Data Policy.

2. Restrictions On Third Parties

No party unaffiliated with HealthiRecipe may collect or use, or direct, authorize or assist other persons or entities to collect or use, any data from a user, or a computer or device operated by a user, while visiting HealthiRecipe properties without the prior express written permission of HealthiRecipe. For example, no data may be collected, used or transferred for purposes of retargeting, behavioural remarketing, or targeting any advertisements, segment categorization or any form of syndication which is related to HealthiRecipe, its content, or its users without the prior express written permission in each instance.

Companies affiliated with HealthiRecipe and/or currently partnering with HealthiRecipe may only collect data as stipulated in their agreement with HealthiRecipe. These companies can not use collected data for ad targeting without expressed written permission. All collectors and their role for a service or a campaign must be disclosed prior to data collection. HealthiRecipe has final rights to all data collection agreements with any third party.

Any third party collecting or attempting to collect data without written and expressed permission from HealthiRecipe may be notified to cease all activity immediately. Failure to comply may result in legal action. Any approved third party ushering in unapproved activity may also be asked to cease.

3. Data Covered

The data covered by this policy includes, but is not limited to, data collected via any advertising unit, widget, pixel tag, cookie, script or other data collection process.

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